Our services

You can book the entire Klangdome for your event:
The entire mounting of the wooden dome tent as well as the wooden flooring (75m²) will be done by our assembling crew and technicians at the location of your choice.
Support during the event by our experienced audio technicians.
Quick demounting of the whole structure and technical equipment afterwards.

We install a 3D spatial audio system in your rooms and locations:
Audio measurements of your premisis and facilities.
Concept developement by our audio technicians.
Mounting of the components.

We offer audio content for your event:
Unique compositions and intermediation of Djs, soundartists, and performing artists of many different genres.

We offer a platform for experimenting with Ambisonics and 3D audio:
Musicians and sound artists are invited to participate in our spatial audio workshops to advance in exciting new fields of composition and performance.

Our Klangdome enthralles everyone with an impressive immersive listening experience.
The possible applications are manifold as is every form of sound to be experienced anew when the listener is immersed in it three dimensionally.

You can also book or buy our GEjODOME tents apart the sound system for your event: